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Would you like to ad posting jobs without registration fee or investment? Do here online part time ad posting jobs without investment. REGISTER for start job.

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Ad Posting Job Details Without Registration Fee Or Investment


Advertisement posting is said in short form as Ad posting. The name establishes cent percent ad posting work. The fascinating part, as to how our ad posting work is much better than the rest of the Ad posting jobs online, is that we offer cent percent authentic ad posting works & earning opportunity is higher and flexibility of the work is very much trouble-free.

Present-day, there are plenty of online marketing companies as Adsense Adbrite, azole, yahoo, etc, they are providing earning opportunity to you when someone clicks the ads or buy the product or service. The business program or service advertised on the internet.

We have no special requirement just keep it in mind, that you cannot post an ad in the subdomain and do not do your work in the same company, or more than a single website. You could create only one user id (email) for single month work. And post your ad only on the registered websites; do not use the website, which is not registered by you.

Nevertheless, now with us, it is totally strange you have a chance to earn three different ways of income. We provide you three kinds of income opportunities.



  1. What is ad posting?
    The name is establishing ad posting work is very easy where all you have to fix advertisements on various classifieds websites, blogs, and forums.
  2. What are the basic needs to begin this ad posting work? 
    To begin this job, you need to have very little knowledge of online surfing, you need to have internet connectivity, personal computer else you can also work from public internet centers. This job is available globally to everyone in the world.
  3. I would like to know from where I will get ad content and list of classifieds websites, blogs, and forums? 
    After registering with our company, your account would be activated, you can log to my account section, and click ad posting works under the premium work title begin at once. The member’s location would be added thousands of ad matters of various companies. The free classifieds websites, blogs, and forums. In this place, you do not have to seek anything; everything would be in the member’s location. All you have to begin and do the work.
  4. Is it necessary to do ad placing for all the ad contents provided in the member’s location? 
    No not at all, you can select any ad content and any free classified or blog or forum for your ad placing.
  5. Is there any time duration for single ad placing and what would be every day and monthly job pressure to earn money? 
    First, understand, there is no time duration for ad placing, you can work whenever you wish to work, no commitments. There is no everyday ad placing limit, you can place any number of ads as you wish. We check only whole month work done by you. Each month you need to do some minimum numbers of ad placing in order to earn money. The money is calculated based on your selected plan.
  6. For each ad placement, how much I get? 
    For Executive Plan: $3 for 10 Ad Posting.
    The highest income generated is three cents of US dollars x six thousand ads = one thousand eight hundred dollars total money.
    For Professional Plan: $4 for 10 Ad Posting.
    The highest income generated is four cents x nine thousand ads= three thousand and six hundred dollars.
  7. Is the above income for only ad placement or shall we get only when it has been clicked or any sale generation? 
    Well, understand the above income, which is called regular income, in point number 7, is only for placing an ad in free classified websites, Forums or in blogs. You would be getting every placed ad by you, no issue a person has clicked or any sale is had from it.
  8. When my placed ad is clicked or any purchase is made from it, shall I get any money? 
    Yes, you could get the additional income because you are eligible now to get it. Overall, it is about which plan you are doing your job.
  9. When you work under the Executive plan you would be getting two dollars per click and five dollars per sale you make. 
    If you are doing your job under a professional plan you would be earning three dollars per click and seven dollars for a sale.
  10. I am interested to know how much and which of my placed ads clicked and sold? 
    Control over all the happenings with your ad, all placed ads would be installed unique coding. In the member’s location, every day you could know which of your ad clicked and from where the sale is made.
    You could as well view, how much money is made per click and per purchase. All the things are organized and it is updated every second. You could see your present income in real-time.
  11. When my ads are not clicked and no sale is made shall I get income? 
    Yeah, of course, we do not consider this is an issue, you would be able to get income each month. In case, any revenue is made a portion from the regular revenue, it would be additional revenue to you.
  12. Any general opinion you have to say how much additional revenue I could make each month?
    As per other candidate’s reports, on average daily you get some 10-50 clicks, which means around $50 – $200 extra for clicks, and daily at least 2 sales are generated, which will be around $100 – $500+ as per the plan. You can expect at least $4000+ of additional monthly income in the starting 2 months.
    Overall, it is only depending upon how much ad placements you are working. Further, you do more works by clicking and more sales would be made.
  13. Is there any perfection that is checked for ad placing? 
    No. You would be able to see readily available ads, all you need to copy them and paste them in the provided space.
  14. What would be the process for doing ad placement work?    
    The process is very easy, all you need to have created any free classified, in that free classified you to search for ‘Post Free Ad’ now click it. You can find a new page open to type. In where you have to place the advertisement content, finally, click post ad. It is as simple as it is. In case, you use the software, you can fill all the content automatically and you can do the auto submission. You go to and try your trial advertisement posting on this site. Every classified site has the very same process in posting the advertisement.
  15. I want to know on one website how many ads one could post in one day? 
    On one website, one can post a maximum of ten ads. The only condition is, the same ad must not be reproduced again on the one free classified website. As we said before, you would get thousands of Ad contents and classified websites and forums. However, it is better to post in various ads and in various websites. Some of the websites are limiting the ad placements to control and stop the spam user.
  16. How do I know? I have placed an ad or not? 
    When you place each ad, you need to paste the URL of the ad to our server, this way you can report to us about your work done by you. You can find an instruction guide to ad posting work, as we could not provide important details in our server, where you need to report your work here. Understand well, this work is quite easy, and you can make money in a sparkling time. Once you are enrolled with us, the entire working kid you would be able to get in my account section, you do not need to search any tool outside our site.
  17. Is there I need to pay and place the advertisement? 
    We already informed this matter, we have provided many free classifieds, blogs, and forums. You need not make payments and place an advertisement on any paid website.
  18. I want to know when payment is made to me and how? 
    Salaries are sent each month between seventh and fifteenth. If you do not get the payment on or before fifteenth, missing payment is made on the twenty-second of the month. The salaries are paid subject to the plan selection you selected before joining our company you can select this in my account section on your page.
  19. Is there any possibility to get termination from the site admin? 
    Your account is terminated only for the following reasons
    In case, you are not doing work for more than two months.
    In case, you are placing the advertisement where the automated traffic, automated surf, automated click producing websites.
    If you are not placing the ad contents perfectly in classifieds and regularly.
    If you are arranging ad alert content without informing the administration, or without taking permission for this action.
    You are not respecting the rules and violating the rules.
  20. Can I change the plan to low or high if I wish to change later? 
    Yeah, you could change easily. In case, you want to go for the higher grade you have to pay the excess money to the company according to the plan. If you want to change your plan to lower grade, you would not be able to get the money for changing to a lower grade plan.
  21. Wow, I am very clear about the program, how to get admission in this profitable work home program? 
    Fill the registration form and wait for our instructions.

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