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The copy paste job words are informing us they are copied and pasted (copy and paste) somewhere and it is a job for the workers.

2,100.00 4,500.00

Copy Paste Job Paid Plan

The copy paste job words are informing us they are copied and pasted (copy and paste) somewhere and it is a job for the workers. All you have to do is copy particular things the (content is text and it is a plain text) that is all about the job. You would be allotted all the database materials, on which you need to copy the text content. It does not even consume your time, as you need to spend hours finding the content. With just one click, you would get millions of text contents in the front of your screen.  Do copy them, and paste it on our running server. Very easy copy paste jobs.

Why paid copy paste job?

  • Full training available.
  • Customer support available. Phone support available.
  • Registration fees are refundable.
  • Higher earning then free plan.
  • Lifetime registration.
  • Daily payment is available.




Earning per data                :   $0.5   (35Rs.)

Per day data can do          :  10 Max

Phone support                    :   No

Daily Payment available :   No

Time Limit                           :   No

Life Time Registration    :   No


Earning per data                :   $2.0   (140Rs.)

Per day data can do          :  100 +

Phone support                    :   Yes

Daily Payment available :   Yes

Time Limit                           :   No

Life Time Registration    :   Yes



In paid plan why earning is higher than the free plan?

Because in free plan freelancer leaves their work according to their time if they have some work in their home or anywhere. Because they are not losing anything and they are not paying the registration fees for that. But in paid plan freelancers are more responsible then free plans. If from 100% freelancers, 30% freelancers not done their work in a free plan we face loss from our clients. But in paid plan 98% freelancer doing their work regularly and on time. That’s the reason we receive good payment from our clients and we gave good money to our freelancer also.

And for a paid plan, we have different clients also available. We don’t give their work to a freelancer who is doing a free job plan. We give these clients work only to paid members because our clients are giving us good quality work.

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  1. sonam Kumar

    This is just copy paste job or what? How much money i will get for this? I already join this.

    sonam Kumar

  2. mohankumar gc

    hi am using free account already am completed 15days

    mohankumar gc

  3. Ranveer kumar Sharma

    kya ye webiste payment karte hai

    Ranveer kumar Sharma

  4. renuka (verified owner)

    This is different from free copy and past work, kindly guide me anyone doing already


  5. User HB (verified owner)

    this is really ever best job and very kind full responsible from opponent end, they are guiding us easily to do our work… thank you so much team, really very happy, i hope will get payment also for my completed free job

    User HB


    Just i have one doubt if i joined payed copy paste work, daily salary how much i get


  7. Sangameshwar Patil

    i have been buyed copypaste at 2100Rs, but no imnot able to complete my ork or dail task more than 10+…. hy the

    Sangameshwar Patil

  8. Harika

    This is really best job and they are guiding us easily to do our work… , really very happy, i hope i will get payment also for my completed free job.


  9. sampath

    Hi am doing free planning job but i dint complete my 30 days work i interested to take paid plan job please any one can suggest to me if i take they were paid daily payment or not


  10. Lucas M

    Please clear on the website that you will deduct 30% tax on earnings. Without any information, you give me only 70% earnings. 30% is a big amount for the deduction. Why you are taking 30%?

    Lucas M

  11. Danielle

    How many times do you get free jobs


  12. vallamkondu sai charan

    Sir, I was take the free account job in already i completed the work for first day . Sir please tell me about payment . After complete my 30 days work payment will give compulsory or not…
    Thanking you sir

    vallamkondu sai charan

  13. Sandeep Kaur

    I paid copy paste work fees but not any response from home base work now what i do

    Sandeep Kaur

  14. Pittala saritha

    I want to join in paid plan.will you give daily payment or not.
    Please reply.

    Pittala saritha

  15. Cohette Els

    Good Day. How do I go from free plan to paid plan, and how much is ₹2,100.00 in South African Rand (ZAR)

    Cohette Els

  16. Dhivya Raju

    Thank u for guide me to join paid plan. Today i got my first payment.
    Thank u…

    Dhivya Raju

  17. zachary Amenya

    please i want to buy the paid plan. someone guide me please

    zachary Amenya

  18. Avhi Mehra

    kya koi hai jisko is site se payments recieve hua hai?

    Avhi Mehra

  19. Santi

    I can’t place the order please guide me


  20. Sagar Borse

    You never told me that you will deduct 30% tax on that. I receive 30% less pay. Please clear this

    Sagar Borse

  21. Sohel Ahmed

    fake fake fake
    I RECEIVE HALF PAYMENT ONLY. And no one is giving the right answer.

    Sohel Ahmed

  22. Kishan Singh Chundawat

    This is best work from home and part time also

    Kishan Singh Chundawat

  23. Kishan Singh

    Why i have receive less payment? You have not given me my full earning. Send my remaining earning as soon as. You never told me that you will deduct tax on that.

    Kishan Singh

  24. Yolaine

    Please help. From South African and want to purchase paid plan. How much in Rand is a package? How do I purchase? How do you pay out after each job?


  25. Gopi Krishna Simhadri

    I want to buy paid plan for copy paste job… But how? Can you please guide me… pls

    Gopi Krishna Simhadri